How things work

We believe that if product can’t be explained in a few sentences – it’s not ready for market. Similarly, we have translated our sophisticated technical process to human language to explain what actually happens after we start working together. Our process consists of two phases that define everything. Initiation and Momentum.


The goal of Initiation is to create, fine-tune and run all management and development processes on both sides. Initiation results in MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or Prototype – a stable first version of product ready to be released to Beta audience to collect performance data and various essential analytics.






This phase is a continuous process when we combine co-dreaming, road-map planning and iterative development. One iteration usually takes 3 weeks resulting in a fully tested product build ready for wide public release. It’s an ongoing support, enhancement and scaling phase that has its own speed and expectations. If product is successful Momentum will last forever.


Here’s another simple chart to demonstrate how much it would cost to build, support and scale platforms similar to the 3 examples below. Provided estimates include co-dreaming, mobile apps development, server-side and IT infrastructure, UI & UX, Product Management.



Industries we cover









Oil & Gas


Social platforms


Startup products



Banking & Financing

Dream teams

It’s obvious that great products require top talent for the job. But everyone claims they’ve got the cutting edge solution and talent. Development team defines product destiny. And we take team allocation to a whole different level.


Custom assembly

Case by case hand picked niche industry experts who share product vision and are committed to pushing product development forward like no other team could do.


Quick setup

Hiring your own perfect team is impossible within short time frame. It took us a decade to build our in-house DreamTeam pool. Today new product development team set up takes several weeks.


On-site rotation

Our technical and business leaders will be working with your managers on site. This model has proven to completely eliminate communication issues and prevent personal conflicts.


Niche experts

Our DreamTeams are always industry tailored. We are entrepreneurs, consultants and engineers who would never let any poor decision slip through.

Amazing free extras

These are the things that we bring to the table by default when starting to work with a new client.


Process & Infrastructure.

We know how to create perfect recipes, but we will bring our cook book to your kitchen only when it’s necessary. We will set up processes and fine tune infrastructure to ideally serve product development needs.


Intellectual property.

All product IP we build is automatically transferred to you upon every code drop. And NDA + Non-compete agreements are signed before we even hear about “the next big thing” to protect you on all fronts.


Coaching & support.

When product development is in late Momentum phase and stable processes are all in place, we will coach your team to keep up with requests the way our DreamTeam would. We will train your internal staff when necessary.


Co-dreaming & advising.

World class product development is our obvious strength. But what makes us stand out is our ability to see through your eyes, formalize visions and execute them fast. We do our homework and we know when to speak up.

Picks for the geeks

We contribute to the open-source community and our code is available here: 

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