Innovation = Acquisition

We help ambitious companies beat their competition through innovation. There are always issues that need to be addressed, but routine evolution doesn’t make a difference. Innovation does.

Usually, in the first 12 months our clients see 12-15% growth of customer acquisition and improved retention by at least 20%. Internal operations become 60% less expensive due to innovative process automations that reduce repetitive manual labour and eliminate feedback loop delays.

Process autopilot

Smart reports & analytics

Hardware-2-App bridges

Digital products

Internal applications


Transparent field operations

Find out how to compete tomorrow.


Let’s face the enemies

It’s easy to determine if your business is in jeopardy even when numbers are grand. Check your operations for the 4 signs of stagnation provided below. See Insights ›


No mobile expertise.

Having your own mobile expertise is the foundation of growth for the industry leaders today. You get offers from third-party vendors, but they are either canned or make no sense.



Endless chain of daily meetings and executives to babysit. Departments act individually without a shared vision. Low level employees have different goals from the executive team.


Where to go next?

You think you’re in a sweet comfortable spot and you’re happy with where you are. You need to build a new strategy immediately, because you’ve just become very vulnerable.  


Unqualified staff & slow hiring

If you were to fire 80% of your personnel today – would you survive? Inability to hire great people leads to a critical mass of unqualified employees that can not innovate.

Let’s name the heroes.

We innovate on top of existing models, slowly replacing time-worn pieces brick by brick. No rapid painful changes that could harm business. We integrate into your environment, understand all major flows and then come up with our war plan. Our interaction with company units creates no hassle and requires very little time from the executive board.

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DreamTeam model.

It can’t just be any group of people with fancy resumes and years of experience on paper. You need a custom assembled team of niche industry professionals with one process, vision and goals.


Coaching & Support.

We helped dozens of leading companies in the last 10 years. We will share our exclusive knowledge with your internal teams. We will make sure they are efficient. We support all products we’ve ever built.


Process & Infrastructure.

Micromanagement and poor decisions create corporate chaos. Instead: Marketing, Product/Service and Tech must have one process tailored to Vision and Sales.


Co-dreaming & Advising.

Technology is only a tool. What’s more important is seeing tomorrow through your business’s dreams and fears. Only by fully diving into business processes it becomes possible for us to innovate. 

Perfection = Stagnation.

We are not perfect. Because if we were – we’d stop evolving. Instead, we are always changing. We are proud of our every product. Every experience makes us and our clients better. We’re inspired to help industry leaders bring remarkable innovations to this world.  See Insights ›


Crowd Mics

Started from nothing and turned into a fully grown award winning innovative technology platform hundreds of thousands of event organizers use daily.




Dream Trips

From 30K to 1.8M contributors in under a year. This scalable platform is already getting way beyond its original vision. Unique social travel technology in combination with visionary leadership is what makes this product stand out.



Jackson Hewitt

A sophisticated tailored technical solution with co-dreaming approach helped us create another innovative gem. Used by millions of consumers across the US.

3.5mm downloadsdownloads

Innovators. Partners. Dreamers.




We created this simple chart to demonstrate how much it would cost to build, support and scale products similar to the 3 examples below. Provided estimates include co-dreaming, mobile apps development, server-side and IT infrastructure, UI & UX, Product Management.

new logo


So where do we go from here? There are usually 2 options.


Picking up on-going work.

Your current team has been doing a good job (or not) and now everything needs to get to the next level. We will pick up product development, organize smooth processes across all parties and will deliver our most amazing performance as we always do.


Starting from scratch.

Either you have a brand new idea or scaling your existing product/service line – starting from scratch is a great spot. We will analyze current or help create new long term product road map, formalize vision and execute it. This is our favorite way of working.


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